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Linen fabric has a lovely earthy feel, is so incredibly comfortable to wear and looks amazing! The flax plant, from which linen fibres are harvested, consumes far less water than cotton and requires fewer chemicals and pesticides making it a great eco fabric choice for the environmentally conscious. 

Linen is a natural insulator meaning it keeps you cool in the summer and retains heat from your body in the cooler months. It also has great absorbency, so you won’t feel sweaty when wearing it.



Bamboo is a lovely soft fabric that feels almost like silk. It’s a dream to wear!

Bamboo fibres will absorb moisture and wick away from skin, keeping you cool and dry. It has anti-microbial properties to help keep you odour free which makes the perfect summer garment.

Bamboo is a sustainable fibre as it doesn’t need pesticides and regrows when cut. The fabric is a light to medium weight, has plain weave and very soft and smooth to touch and feels amazing to wear.



The cotton/linen blend is used for our tote bags, hats and cushions. It has a canvas like feel which makes for a sturdy product that will last. Combining the cotton with linen is what strengthens it as 100% linen is not as heavy duty. Although cotton is not as sustainable as bamboo and linen, it is still a natural fibre which will biodegrade once its life is over, making it a better choice than other fabrics such as polyester and nylon which are essentially plastic.


Quality & Process

Katelyn choses only quality fabrics to work with. She designs the fabrics herself, often starting with simple hand drawn designs that are touched up and made into a repeated pattern on photoshop. They are then digitally printed or hand screen printed locally in Sydney and Melbourne. Katelyn also designs the garment which starts with drawings and draping fabric to get an idea of what she wants. Then she makes her own patterns and samples which get tested and tweaked many times over before they are ready to be made with the custom fabric. Katelyn then has to grade the patterns so that there are multiple sizes available and organises and styles a photoshoot before releasing the final product.


Material Sourcing

Katelyn choses to support local Australian stores when sourcing materials. Often these materials are made overseas, however, wherever possible she chooses companies that show the transparency in the production processes, are small family owned and run businesses that are compliant with sustainability and ethical regulations. Katelyn also outsources the fabric printing to small Australian businesses.