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Handcrafted by designer and maker Katelyn in Newcastle, Australia. From design to final detail, all Indigo Thread pieces are made by hand with love and consideration.

Katelyn’s focus on using natural fibres and fabrics means her designs are not only made to outlast fast fashion cycles, but are also environmentally and socially sustainable. Indigo Thread’s clothing, accessories and homewares are fun, practical and inspired by the Australian landscape (sea, city and bush). Each design is one of only a handful and are made to be worn each day. 


Look effortlessly stylish while minimising harm to our planet.

Indigo Thread collections are made from natural materials such as linen, bamboo and cotton, making the garments biodegradable once their life is finished.

Katelyn designs products with as little fabric waste as possible whilst still achieving the desired look. With the small amount of offcuts she uses them to make little coin purses so that there is very little waste in the process.

Garments are made in small batches to order so that there isn’t an over supply and wastage like what so often occurs with fast fashion.